Environmental Toxicologists Help Control Pollution

If you are fond of watching crime drama TV series like “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” you might have heard of lead characters like Catherine Willows or D.B. Russell asking the lab guys for toxicology reports. This usually takes place when a dead body is found and the cause of death is unclear. A toxicology report helps determine if the fatality had chemicals in his system that may have led to his death.

One branch of toxicology is environmental toxicology which is the scientific study of the effects of chemicals on the environment. Environmental toxicologists typically collect chemical samples from a given area and study its physical and chemical makeup, as well as the level of contamination, if any. More importantly, they delve into the effects of the chemicals to human health, something that is especially critical during an ongoing land development project at a remote area where pollutants are likely to exist.

If substances in a particular area are proven to have detrimental effects on human health, environmental toxicologists may advise the land property owner on ways to control or get rid of these chemicals before construction of the structure begins. They also help devise ways on how to make construction work safe for the laborers. Overall, environmental toxicologists help companies strengthen all environmental efforts against pollutants.



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