Role of Environmental Toxicologists in Litigation

Environmental toxicology refers to the multidisciplinary branch of science that deals with the effects of chemicals on the environment. Toxicological reports are generally used to determine the possible health effects of toxic and chemical exposures, as well as need for future medical monitoring. As a result, environmental toxicologists are usually brought in as expert witnesses in class action lawsuits against organizations whose negligence led to chemical exposure.

If someone is inadvertently exposed to toxic or irritant chemicals, it can result in a myriad of medical conditions like upper and lower respiratory tract illnesses (asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, etc). Other times, it can also cause kidney failure, liver damage, cardiovascular problems, and so on. An environmental toxicologist can provide scientific evidence regarding the cause and effect of toxic exposure and the ensuing health effects.

Aside from serving as witnesses in lawsuits, environmental toxicologists can also help when it comes to creating and enforcing laws on air pollution and environmental protection. Their findings can be used as a basis to create new pollution control standards. Toxicologists also identify the severity of the damage to determine the best possible solution to the problem. Be it expert testimony or serving as consultants for the government, environmental toxicologists plays a vital role.



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