Environmental Toxicology: Identifying Environmental Hazards

When oil spills occur in any body of water, the toxins released can adversely affect marine life in the area. Moreover, it creates enormous environmental hazards on the human population and other living organisms that are within its reach. An immediate clean-up may prevent further harm, but it can have long lasting effects on the environment that may be detrimental to future generations.

In fact, not only oil spills but all kinds of toxins released in the surrounding air, land, and sea, whether accidental or intentional, can cause considerable damage to the environment. Prevention of further occurences of these harmful substances being released can be done through environmental toxicology. It is the science that deals with the study of how exposure to toxic chemicals affects humans and their surroundings.

Environmental toxicology can help people prevent possible exposure to chemical hazards that may be present in any form. Unfortunately, most of these hazards are man-made and adversely affect the air we breathe. Consequently, this field of scientific study is also used to determine legal liability in court actions against those who cause the release of these pollutants.

The chemical, biological, and physical harm caused by toxins can have long lasting effects on the environment. Environmental toxicology can help people avoid these hazards and hold those who cause the harm responsible.c


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