Poisons and How They Affect the Body

While some elements are essential to all humans for survival or development, others have chemical compositions that are extremely harmful to the body. Professionals like forensic toxicologists are tasked with identifying and classifying these substances and their effects. Here are some examples of these potentially fatal substances:


This substance, whether as is or mixed into a compound, is a pretty potent poison. People mainly ingest it through water systems that are contaminated by the substance from nearby mines. Arsenic attacks the body’s metabolic process at the cellular level and may cause death and mutation.


Lead is the most versatile metal in the known universe, yet it also poses as one of the greatest chemical threats to man. This material is a bioaccumulative toxin, which basically means it can bide its time within your system, and when enough of it is already in your body, it strikes and leads to sterility, stunted growth, and other disorders.


Mercury is a common neurotoxin, which means it attacks the nervous system, thus affecting and impairing its functions. Most of the conditions caused by mercury ingestion (often via airborne channels) can be permanent. Aside from directly affecting humans, mercury poisoning can afflict marine life, infecting the fish that you eat, until the harmful poison is passed on to you.


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