Medical Expert Witness: An Asset in the Court Room

“Tragedy struck on April 13, 2013 when Jabari S. Kemp ran a red light, resulting in a collision with another vehicle carrying 5 people. Due to the impact, both cars crossed the median divider causing the other car to roll and eject 4 people out of the vehicle.

ER doctor Johnathan Greenfield, who treated the victims of the crash, found extremely high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical found in marijuana, in Kemp’s system. In a case such as this, a doctor may be called in as a medical expert witness to provide evidence and an objective opinion regarding the medical aspects of the issue to make a strong case.

Cases such as Kemp’s require testimonies that may be too complex for non-doctors to understand. But with the help of medical evidence and thorough reports from experts, justice can be served for those who commit negligent and criminal acts.”


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