How Forensic Toxicology Can Help Solve Crimes Using Only Hair Strands

“Hair analysis isn’t really a new method in forensic toxicology. Its first recorded use was in the 1850s when a case was solved because of traces of arsenic found in the hair of the corpse that was exhumed 11 years after the time of death. However, there are a host of chemicals that human hair is exposed to these days, especially from cosmetic products. To prevent these chemicals from affecting the findings, professionals in the field usually take them into account when interpreting the results.

Even then, toxicology testings can take a long time due to various reasons, like specimen quality and the nature of the chemicals to be tested. There is also the simple fact that working with hair strands is very different from analyzing urine and blood samples.

A competent forensic toxicologist such as Dr. Nachman Brautbar are needed now more than ever as technology improves and crimes become more complex. More than being able to perform drug testing, their expertise is needed in showi


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