How Forensic Toxicology Professionals Can Help Victims Seek Justice

A toxicology report by a third expert indicated that Blumenschein’s acute severe metabolic acidosis “more likely than not” was due to ethylene glycol poisoning.
Thankfully, the victim in this particular case survived, and his testimony against the accused can count as a vital piece of evidence. However, what about those victims who weren’t able to survive similar atrocities done to them? In these cases, their families and loved ones can rely on expert forensic toxicology practitioners in their fight for justice.
A highly qualified forensic toxicologist like Dr. Nachman Brautbar thoroughly examines every piece of evidence obtained from crime scenes for poisons, such as hair, fibers, and blood using state-of-the-art equipment. Unlike in TV shows, the process of scrutinizing them is meticulous so that nothing is missed and accurate results are produced. Afterward, they can provide an unbiased and comprehensive report of their findings.


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