Don’t Let Triggers of Environmental Diseases Such as Lead Get You Down

Lead is poisonous. Long-term exposure to this toxic metal can result in serious health problems, including lead poisoning, which is one of the most common environmental diseases. Aside from interior paint and Christmas lights, Niemiec lists wine glasses, garden hoses, and balsamic vinegar as other lead hot spots. It is found also in contaminated soil, toys, furniture, pottery, art supplies, cosmetics, batteries, water pipes, gasoline products, dust, and some traditional medicine.

Through extensive research, environmental toxicology experts like Nachman Brautbar, M.D. found that lead poisoning can cause brain, nervous system, kidney, and stomach damage in adults. The disease is usually hard to detect and symptoms do not usually appear until significant amounts have built up inside the body. These may include high blood pressure, declines in mental functioning, pain or numbness of the extremities, muscular weakness, abdominal pains, memory loss, mood disorders, and headaches.


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