Environmental Toxicology Facts: Man-Made Killers of the Ocean Biome

Environmental toxicology professionals deal with understanding and assessing the effects that various chemicals dumped into natural waterways have on the ocean’s ecosystem, as well as the water itself. What you might not know is that the things you take for granted and nonchalantly throw away could be poisoning the world’s oceans.


When it comes to the topic of water pollution, oil spills are among the most commonly talked about culprits, and for good reason. Oil spills typically happen on a grand scale as it typically involves oil tankers or rigs that leak out millions of gallons of petroleum products into a delicate ecosystem of corals, fish, and other marine life. However, oil pollution in the water also happens on a smaller scale whenever homeowners nonchalantly dispose of oils and grease through their sinks.


Proving pesticide content in water contamination

Pesticides are potent weapons in stopping the destruction of crops. Even open spaces such as golf courses, public parks, and forest clearings are also fair game for their application. However, the sprayings may be more than what’s needed. Some experts claim that excess pesticide can drip down in to the soil and right down to any water sources. In a lawsuit involving alleged contamination of potable water from pesticide leaks or excess spraying, a number of factors must be proven. Continue reading

The Role of the Medical Expert Witness in Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical malpractice is a serious crime that could potentially destroy the career of an established medical professional, so you might see why there’s simply no room for an error in judgment when practicing medicine. Note that most courts will deny or dismiss a malpractice case when there is no reliable medical expert witness to take the stand either for or against the accused.

On Medical Malpractice

A case for medical malpractice could be brought to court once the plaintiff believes that the negligence of a particular medical practitioner has brought about further physical injury, or worse, the death of another. Common medical malpractice cases include instances of misdiagnosis, erroneous dosage application, treatment faults, or even aftercare negligence.

A Credible Medical Expert Witness Proving Links To Unruly Incidents

Adding material to your case requires a full checkup after the alleged incident to further catalogue potential damage to the body. A trusted expert witness will be knowledgeable in various internal medicine fields and provide credible analysis of the physical report.

A skilled toxicology expert witness like Dr Brautbar will have an opportunity to make further sense of the facts in an alcohol abuse case. The study noted that the men’s tendency to up their general aggression kicked in after five shots. The changes were also the same in women, whose psychological abuse potential were linked to marijuana.

Should You Use Fake Urine to Pass a Drug Test?

The use of fake urine to hide drug use has been a constant issue for drug testing programs in various fields. There are many kits available today, with some including salts, creatinine, and coloring dye to make them more realistic. Some even come with temperature strips to ensure that the sample matches body temperature. Tubing may even be provided to give testers the illusion that the sample is coming from the body. Continue reading