Should You Use Fake Urine to Pass a Drug Test?

The use of fake urine to hide drug use has been a constant issue for drug testing programs in various fields. There are many kits available today, with some including salts, creatinine, and coloring dye to make them more realistic. Some even come with temperature strips to ensure that the sample matches body temperature. Tubing may even be provided to give testers the illusion that the sample is coming from the body.

Fake urine has been around for years, but has only been garnering a lot of attention lately because of the relative ease of ordering it online. Many have bragged about supposed stories of success in the past, but through time and medical advances, the chances of passing a drug test using fake urine these days are slim to none.

Using fake urine is considered tampering with evidence, which is a punishable crime, one that most judges take seriously. Drug screening agencies and forward thinking forensic toxicologists will always have a solution to keep people from trying to cheat the system, that’s why the risks involved in using fake urine are just not worth it. Those who want to pass a urine test should stay away from fake urine, and instead go a more natural and safe way.


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