What you should know about the Dangers of Lead

Lead is a tough, naturally occurring metal used in a wide variety of industries, including construction, ammunition, and even in commercial paints. However, despite its popularity, it can be highly toxic to human beings. Here are some basic facts you should know about the substance:

Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning occurs when the presence of lead builds up in the body to the point that it begins to affect various systems of the body at a time. This can be so bad, in fact, that it could negatively affect a child’s physical and mental development. It can also be fatal, even to an adult, which is why many toxicologists choose to focus, particularly, on the metal and how it affects the people who comes into contact with it.


This condition could affect the mental faculties as well as the physical body of an adult. For one, while lead poisoning can cause high blood pressure, muscle weakness and pains in the extremities, it could also lead to mood swings, memory loss, or a general decline of efficient mental function. For children, it might lead to stunted growth and cognitive difficulty.

Common Causes

Since it has been used widely in the past, many traditional homes have lead-based paint all over them, which makes these houses breeding grounds for lead poisoning problems. Lead can also be collected through unclean or unsecure water lines and even some types of canned goods.


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