Understanding Forensic Toxicology and Toxic Tort

Any lawsuit that involves harm received by a person from another person or entity via exposure to hazardous chemicals can be considered as toxic tort. For instance: if a certain community experiences a widespread sickness due to alleged improper waste disposal by a nearby factory, the community can file a toxic tort case against the source. As a paralegal of your law firm, you should familiarize yourself with the tasks involved when handling such cases.

Aside from the example given above, there are many other types of toxic tort claims – for instance, occupational exposure occurs when an employee or several employees in industrial establishments are exposed to dangerous levels of toxins over a particular period. Another example are pharmaceutical drugs that inevitably cause unintended side effects. The same also goes for consumer products that contain harmful chemical additives.

Evidence can be pretty hard to gather, because the complainant’s counsel will first have to establish that not only were the victims exposed to injurious substances, but also that the exposure indeed came from an action by the defendant or was brought on by their negligence, and not by any other cause outside of their control.

A reliable forensic toxicologist can definitely be a great asset in helping your client. Toxic tort cases can be tricky, and it takes a lot of medical knowledge and expertise to win one. You, as the trusty paralegal, have an important role to make sure that your firm and your clients get the justice they deserve.


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