Learning about the Dangers of Nickel Exposure

Humans are fragile beings; they can easily be harmed by dangerous chemicals and substances, which the Earth (their home) teems with. One of these substances is the element nickel. Although valued for its many uses, this metal may also cause deadly environmental diseases. Here are some other things about nickel that you have to know:

The Good

Nickel is widely used in making trendy jewelry, as a substitute for more precious metals in the creation of chains, clamps, or settings. It also has several industrial uses, mostly as an additive or alloy, wherein it forms an excellent corrosion-resistant alloy such as stainless steel, not to mention that it is invaluable in electroplating and even serves as a good catalyst for hydrogenating vegetable oils.

The Problem

However, nickel is a common carcinogenic metal that causes occupational exposure problems to workers who regularly come into contact with it. It introduces free radicals to the body, which can then lead to oxidative damage on a cellular level. Researchers link nickel to conditions like lung cancer, neurological problems, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases.

The next time you’re buying jewelry or thinking about working in certain industries (like refining, welding, and electroplating), make sure that you don’t expose yourself to too much nickel. If you ever become exposed to fumes, substances, or products containing nickel and incurred a serious health condition, you may need the help of a lawyer who knows dependable environmental toxicology experts.


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