Environmental Toxicology: Why Hire an Expert Witness

While most jobs are generally safe, a few are more hazardous than the rest. E-waste recycling, sulfur mining, and sanitation are some of the industries which involve jobs that pose some health and safety risks, including the exposure to dangerous substances. In all of these, employers have the responsibility to minimize risks to employees. If a worker gets exposed to hazardous materials and becomes ill and unable to work as a result, he or she can seek justice for it if it can be proven that negligence is involved.

The victim will have to contact a personal injury lawyer. Whether it’s a chemical burn or a radiation exposure, a personal injury lawyer can create an effective strategy to prove to the court that the injury, which has impaired his client, was due to exposure to hazardous substances, caused by another party’s negligence. To do this, the complainant will need the services and testimony of an expert witness specializing in environmental toxicology.

An expert witness has the knowledge the court can rely on for factual evidence on such cases. An environmental toxicologist will make an appropriate expert witness in a case of chemical exposure, as he can show how certain chemicals can affect a person’s health or the environment.

It is crucial for lawyers and paralegals to have a network that can identify expert witnesses in these kinds of cases. The other party may also provide their own expert witness, so it is important to work only with highly-reliable professionals.


A Credible Medical Expert Witness Proving Links To Unruly Incidents

Adding material to your case requires a full checkup after the alleged incident to further catalogue potential damage to the body. A trusted expert witness will be knowledgeable in various internal medicine fields and provide credible analysis of the physical report.

A skilled toxicology expert witness like Dr Brautbar will have an opportunity to make further sense of the facts in an alcohol abuse case. The study noted that the men’s tendency to up their general aggression kicked in after five shots. The changes were also the same in women, whose psychological abuse potential were linked to marijuana.

Establishing Causation through the Help of a Medical Expert Witness

“Having an expert witness, however, does not automatically guarantee the success of the case – it is but one aspect of a court proceeding, and there will be other factors that will be considered for a ruling to be made. Still, clients should make sure of the expert’s qualifications and specialties before hiring one.

When looking for a toxicology expert witness, for example, to establish the harmful effect of a certain substance to people, someone who has excellent knowledge of toxins and other dangerous contaminants can help.”

How a Medical Expert Witness Can Help Solve Your Lead Poisoning Case

Consulting a reputable toxicology expert witness is necessary to obtaining a professional opinion on causation. Toxicologists have extensive knowledge and experience on the nature and effects of toxins and poisons including chemicals, pharmaceutical products, metals, and alcohol. From testing food products to identifying water quality and determining the safety of cosmetics, they play a huge role in our everyday lives.

As professionals, toxicologists can conduct thorough analysis or scientific investigation and present an unbiased report after research for purposes of litigation. They may also give their testimony in court and assist with responses when the need arises. Through this method, the court will be able to determine whether or not the there is negligence on the part of the defendant.

Florida Tightens Medical Expert Witness Requirements with Two New Laws

The medical community’s resentment toward these experts was evident at Friday’s Florida Board of Medicine disciplinary hearing in Tampa. Board members rejected a recommendation to reprimand a doctor who fraudulently listed expert witness qualifications, and instead unanimously voted to revoke his license to practice medicine.

Florida recently placed stricter regulations on medical expert witnesses with the signing of two bills into law; this comes as a result of many cases being decided due to the opinions of people who didn’t specialize in the fields in question. First, House Bill 7015 amends the preferred standard in providing expert testimony in medical cases. Second, Senate Bill 1792 requires the legitimate medical expert witness to be in the same specialty as the nature of the case in question.