What Environmental Toxicology Does for Everyone

Environmental toxicology: those two words may sound rather intimidating and scary to some people. Yet because of that field, its specialists, the environmental toxicologists, can do things that the average person can’t readily do on a whim. So, what exactly do environmental toxicologists do to help the environment?

For one, environmental toxicologists can examine our atmosphere. For the past 40 years, some of these specialists have been focusing on man-made pollutants and their effects on our surroundings. They monitor the pollution levels, and its impact on human and animal life. Some of them have also found a connection between these pollutants and cancer.

In the same vein, environmental toxicologists also examine how chemicals speed up the emergence of cancers like leukemia, lymphomas, and melanoma. They investigate cases of cancers reportedly caused by chemicals including asbestos, pesticides, and solvents. Some of them even become activists to push for laws that regulate these chemicals and promote safety.

Some environmental toxicologists have also become expert witnesses to support or refute medical evidence. With their knowledge and training, these specialists also examine individuals affected by certain ailments, read medical reports, and test soil or water samples that may have affected these individuals. Through them, people can find the cause of their ailments and address them promptly.


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